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I am the founder of Belinda’s Kids Care and was born in Switzerland in 1980. When we were 3 years old we moved to California / USA. I went to school there and can therefore speak and write English fluently.

My mother also worked as a substitute teacher at my school at the time and was able to gain a lot of experience with kindergarten and primary school children. 

In my later youth, back in Switzerland, I always had the pleasure of looking after my little cousins. Since I was the oldest, I was usually chosen. 

However, I really enjoyed this and so I was regularly hired as a babysitter in the neighborhood. Here I mostly looked after small children and babies. 

Now I am married and a mother of two children. Our son was born in 2015 and our daughter in 2013.

I eat healthily, am a non-smoker, like to do sports, spend a lot of time in nature, and enjoy reading and finding out about child psychology and pedagogy. We can learn a lot from the “little ones”, just as they learn from us. 

Babies and children often take me into their hearts straight away and build trust very quickly. This always gives me a lot of joy. I am thrilled to see the great progress children make in a very short time. 

In 2018, I repeated my Toddler Emergencies course to get up to speed. In autumn 2021 I successfully completed my training as a playgroup leader. And since the end of 2021 we have also been a member of the SSLV (Switzerland, Playgroup Leaders Association).​

Your Belinda

Team Spielgruppe Zollikerberg

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